I never thought i would be in this situation.
especially with him.

it is going to be three years in a few months. wow 

time flies!!

i feel like just yesterday he asked me with a shy tone in his voice to be with girlfriend.

Life has definitely changed us and in a bad way. 

it separated us mentally. 

I’m having a real hard time balancing school and work.  . .


Agonizing. After so long . God. Why would you be so idiotic
Is it worth it
The pain is disgusting
Its more disappointing than heartbreaking

Today marks a very important and exciting chapter in my life. . Bittersweet!

Knowing you still listen to our song. Made my heart skip a bit.
And I dont know why.
I thought there was nothing left there, but memories.
Guess its true when they say, ” donde uvo fuego cenizas quedan”…
This couldn’t have happened at a worst time

I’m doing everything I’m doing for my parents.
But especially for my mother.

I’m so in love her <3.<3

My heart’s gone lost.

I hate when Remy doesn’t sleep with me.
She’s too grown up for momma :(